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Increasingly nowadays, consumers are becoming conscious about their choices, focusing on sustainability when it comes to shopping for their wardrobes. With ‘green living’ being the buzzwords, there is enhanced demand for clothing which is made from eco-friendly fabric and people are on the lookout for pure, natural, and organic fabrics. But to say is easier than to get it done, or put simply, choosing pure, natural or organic fabric is not as easy as it may seem.

The difficulty in choosing pure, natural or organic fabric often stems from the lack of awareness of the true nature of these terms so far as fabrics are concerned. Many people tend to use all of these terms interchangeably and labels on clothing which are ambiguous, to say the least, in most cases, do not help. To make the distinction easier, here’s a simple breakdown of each of these terms.

Organic fabrics are those which are made from fibres grown without the use of any harmful, chemical or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Plants that are the source of organic fibres are grown using sustainable farming measures with natural pesticides and fertilizers, and using non-modified seeds. However, the organic fabric may still be treated with dyes and chemicals during the processing stage. Think organic cotton when you want to find something that you know about.

Natural and organic fabrics are by no means synonymous or interchangeable. Natural fabrics are those which are made from fires found in nature, and these could obtained from plants, animals and even from mineral. Natural fibres are in opposition to synthetic fibres which are crafted by machines. Wool, silk, flax, and jute are some examples of natural fibres which are harnessed for fabric.

Pure fabric means that the fabric contains fibre of only a single type. Pure is in opposition to blended fabric which can have fibres of more than one type woven together. When a label states that the fabric is pure, it means that the material is without the addition of any blending fibre, but it most certainly does not mean that the fabric is organic or natural. It could be a purely natural or organic fabric or a purely synthetic fabric too.

At Anayu, we pride ourselves on using fabric which bring out their purity to create raw appeal and silhouettes which embody the essence of femininity, charm, grace and elegance. Every fabric, every thread, every detail is chosen to create that perfect outfit which will make heads turn.

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