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When thinking of breezy, lightweight fabrics, the one name that will definitely pop into anyone’s mind is organza. The ideal fabric for those sweltering summer days and vibrant spring time, organza is characterized by its sheen and feather weight which endear it to the connoisseurs of high fashion. And with celebrities sporting this fabric in trendsetting styles, the appeal of organza has only grown.

Traditionally, organza was made from superfine silk and is a lightweight and sheer fabric with a plain weave. Over time, synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon began to be used for weaving organza but lost their appeal as the resultant fabric, while cheap, tended to fray and tears more frequently. With the focus back on pure fabrics, organza made from silk fibres returned to dominate, quite literally bringing back its alluring sheen.

For designer outfits, there is a choice of organza fabric that ranges from the conventional crystal organza, soft, lightweight and subtle; crushed organza, which is crinkled through treatment to impart an intentionally wrinkled look to the fabric; satin organza, which has a shiny satin-like appearance; to the shot organza, in which different silk threads in caried hues are warped and weft to create a multi-coloured gradient.

Pure organza fabric is also characterized by a stiffness, as opposed to the soft silk threads from which it is fashioned. This stiffness, a result of the acid treatment that is given to the fibres prior to the weaving, allows for organza to be structured for the creation of sculptural silhouettes which makes it a popular choice with many a designer.

The diaphanous, shimmery and translucent nature of the organza fabric are also what make it ideal for lehengas, saris and gowns, ensembles which bring the fabric to life in their graceful silhouettes. Organza is the fabric of choice for these outfits as the fabric can be structured into silhouettes which are flowy and cast a dreamy, ethereal look.

Organza can be dyed in different colours to enhance its appeal and the overall look is one of sheer elegance. Designers also take recourse to embroidered organza which is embellished with different patterns, threadwork and stones to elevate the design quotient of the fabric.

Pure organza has been harnessed by designer Ayushi Singh to craft many of her beautiful ensembles in her signature brand – Anayu. Dreamy, flowy silhouettes for gowns, lehengas, anarkalis that are high on minimalism and grace are part of Anayu’s organza collection in colours that are subtle yet captivate the onlooker.

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