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Perhaps the reason more and more women buy designer lehenga online nowadays is the sheer convenience. With top designers offering their collections online, the variety and choice is drawing buyers. But choosing that one lehenga from the selection is no mean feat. There are so many considerations, including the colour, style, silhouette, fabric, among others. But the right choice of silhouette can make all the difference when you buy lehenga online.

Perhaps the most widely preferred silhouette is the A-line lehenga, also coopted in Anayu’s signature lehengas. A-line lehengas are shaped like the alphabet A, narrow at the top and gradually widening at the bottom. Typically, the lehengas in this silhouette are worn high-waisted. The wide bottom gives room for flare and gives a sombre and elegant look for the overall ensemble.

The pleated lehenga is another popular silhouette for women. From the simple box pleats to the knife pleats and the narrower accordion pleats, there is no end to creativity when it comes to pleated lehengas. This silhouette is especially ideal for fun-filled festivities and celebrations when you want to up the glamour quotient.

If you are looking for something contemporary, ideal for the younger age groups is the mermaid style. As the name suggests, this silhouette is shaped like a mermaid. It is fitted from the waist to the knee and then flares out, reminiscent of the bottom of a fish or mermaid. This silhouette is perfect for those who want to flaunt some curves. At Anayu, our mermaid shaped lehenga skirts give you the perfect vibes for a day look or beach-inspired look.

With an unusual hemline, the asymmetrical lehenga is another contemporary silhouette that features widely in Anayu lehengas and is extremely popular among our buyers too. From uneven fronts and backs to layers, asymmetric lehengas create visual interest in a variety of ways, thus adding feminine charm in modern styles.

Those who want to stick to the classics can take recourse to the circular silhouette. Such lehengas are flowy and have abundant flare. Breezy fabrics like organza go particularly well to enhance this silhouette as do heavy velvets.

If you are shopping for a designer lehenga online, explore our collection for the most exquisite contemporary styles. Every design in Anayu’s collection is focused on the purity of form, fabric and silhouette to craft ensembles that reflect grace, elegance and charm.

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